Called to be Light and Hope for all Humanity-Marc 13:33-37

Called to be Light and Hope for all Humanity-Marc 13:33-37

The Gospel of Mark invites us to “stay awake” in order not to fall asleep.  The Lord wants to see us all awake, active, collaboration with lucidity and responsibility to His plan for God’s Kingdom.

Advent is a time of hope which implies a commitment with humankind and nature, a fight for justice, a constant work to build the Kingdom of God on earth.  Above all, this is a moment of tenderness, reaching out a hand, spreading love.  May we be wide awake, in order to look at the beauty of the human manifestation of God’s mystery.

Jesus’s preoccupation is that His disciples must be on their guard, awake not asleep.  This is why He insists and says three times: “Stay awake”!

We are called to enter into the wave of God’s love which reveals itself in the proximity of Jesus with the poor.  People who are in actions of solidarity or committed against our world’s injustices, clearly reveal their trust in the Father.  This faithful behavior leads them not to lose hope, to be witnesses to God’s action which goes beyond appearances, beyond our calculations or our rational ways of looking at things.

The Lord calls us to make credible, in these times of the pandemic, what seems to be lost, what seems to make no sense:  Hope.  Are we sure that God is at work and that He makes Himself present in the middle of the reality we are facing today?

Our LSA community is beginning this Advent pilgrimage with people who are humble and simple.  They invite us to walk, to be “anonymous” and to stay close.  To describe with our lives the credible story of a new world which is already happening.  Our community is living in hope – a hope which does not disappoint because it is based and founded on God’s word.

This hope is growing stronger in everyday life, in small ways, for example when we go out and meet one another.  In community, in our ministry, in family, in the ACCEM (Catholic association for migrations), in Caritas’ projects, in the neighborhood families, in International Justice and Peace, in what many people share with us when they pass by our Community, asking for advice, guidance, accompaniment…

In the following extract from Isaiah, we find a total security and trust:

“I shall lead the blind by the road they do not know, by paths they do not know I shall conduct them.  I shall turn the darkness into light before them and the quagmires into solid ground.  This I shall do…without fail” Is.42:16

Little Sisters of the Assumption- Community of Cartagena (Spain)

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  1. Dorothy Calvani says:

    “…the wave of God’s love”, how beautiful! The “wave of God’s love” began over 13 billion years ago, flowing through every element of creation in the Universe, and continues into the future. Jesus’s precious message that the Kindom is within and all around, anchors us in the joy and hope of this reality. We are Earth, who teaches us the paths to the beauty of diversity and deep communion. The humble, who are awake to the gifts that surround us and are full of gratitude for every particle of Creation, enter this flow singing!
    Thank you for this very beautiful and rich image!

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