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As Little Sisters of the Assumption, we seek to adapt the charism to each cultural context. It’s a life of action, a life of gestures and words. The apostolic activities, which vary from country to country, concern impoverished populations and their families.

We make sure we preserve, maintain and deepen what is at the heart of our Charism: the life of Jesus’ disciple, following Christ the Servant.

Inserted in neighbourhoods, connected to networks and associations or present in families, we share closely the plight of refugees, displaced persons, immigrants; With them we work to make effective solidarity.

Discover the testimony of Sister Agnes on her call to follow the Christ from the age of 11, during her profession of faith.


Frequently Asked Questions

To discover that you wish to be a Little Sister is a process between you and God and somebody who will accompany you in order to do the journey together You can contact us through our contact formula to tell us of your wish to join us, or, if you already know a Little Sister, you can contact her directly.
First of all, we will meet in order to know one another. If we see together that it is the path, you will begin a time as an “aspirant”. This time helps to know the Congregation better and the vocation of each one. Then, there is a time of “postulate” (one or two years) during which you will live in a community. Then, the novitiate begins (two years). This is a more important time of personal growth and growth in the faith, knowledge of the congregation and preparation for the temporary vows. At the end of the novitiate, you will make your temporary vows. During this time which is called the juniorate, your discernment and your formation will be in different domains. You will continue to renew your vows periodically. This stage will last between 6 and 9 years. At the end of the juniorate, you will pronounce your perpetual vows.
It can be very varied, but the day being most surely with a time of personal prayer followed by a time of community prayer. Then she goes out to her work, her studies or her mission … or to do some shopping if she is to do the cooking! She returns for the meal with her sisters and in the afternoon perhaps she remains to finish one or another little task, or perhaps she will go out again for a visit. Perhaps she has a group for sharing (in the parish or in an association). At the end of the day she is united again with her sisters to pray and eat together. Depending on the possibilities, she will go to a Eucharistic celebration, which is very important for us.
It is a group of Little Sisters who live together in a place. That means: to live together, pray together, help one another during the day, organise the work to be done in the house. Together, they help one another to grow and to think, together they try to follow Jesus. Living in community is not always easy, but it is a gift, one learns to love and to begin again when things are not working. Our communities are generally not very large (between 3 and 6 sisters) and among them there are sisters who are more aged and those who are younger; sometimes there are also sisters from different countries.
We live from our work. All that we receive (salary, pension….) is placed in common. In sharing we make sure that each sister and each community has all that is necessary in order to live and, in that way, there is solidarity between communities, between countries and also with other persons or projects outside of the congregation.
Yes, very. Each one with her history and in her own way, has discovered that to follow Jesus as a Little Sister of the Assumption, responds to the dream that God has for her. There are difficult moments when one can find oneself disorientated, or feel sad. But there is a basic happiness that continues nad help us to continue because it is God who gives it to us.
The family and friends are a treasure for us, they are part of our life and of our history. According to each one’s reality the contact is maintained by telephone, the internet, a visit, sometimes we have a holiday with them. If the family is in difficulty, we seek together how to respond to each situation


Our Little Sisters testify about their investment, their mission within the Congregation.

Sister Mariotides

I entered the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption in 1992 in order to follow the ideal of Jesus which our founders translated as follows: “To procure the glory of God by the salvation of the poor, the workers and of their families.” That year, I came a little closer to the specific mission of the Little Sisters of Brazil, I followed a training to become a teacher. Throughout my vocational route, I worked in various teaching fields….

Sister Lucia

I always knew that God and the poor would have an important place in my life; but as forhow, it’s another story …
My name is Lucia; I was looking for God and wanting to give my life for the poor when I discovered that as a Little Sister of the Assumption, I could realize thisdream and be happy, very happy!

Sister Hien

II was born in 1980, in a Christian family, in Central Viet Nam, on the coast.
My mother died quickly after an illness. My dad was 37 years old, my older sister was 15,and I was 2. I am the last of five girls.

I am proud of my dad who educated us by playing two very important roles in the family: mom and dad.

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