Pour l'environement des jeunes replantent des arbres pour remplacer ceux qui ont brulé

Mission in Brazil for Justice, Peace and environment

Minas Gerais : It is the state in Brazil where there is the greatest concentration of iron ore.  A state that is rich in natural resources and explored in all its aspects, especially the political aspect, due to the concentration of the wealth.  Inserted in the reality of the workers of this state since 1963,…
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4 little sisters of the assumption recieve her missionary sending

Missionary Sending of 4 Little Sisters

Sr. Annette will be attending the Assembly of the Congregation in Paris from April 5-15, 2019. Today she had the joy of attending the Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of Fr. Pernet’s death. April 3rd is also the date of his ordination. There were 3 special moments at Mass: 1. The offertory procession had a…
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Rencontre a Rome des Petites soeurs de l'Assomption sur l'interculturalité

UISG session in Rome “To invest our diversity in interculturality”

Interculturality begins with valuing our differences and the work for going out to encounter on the basis of these. So, the common house becomes the house where each may feel at home, bringing and receiving according to her identity and her culture We, Hildete, Marceline, Nhung and Dominique are giving you some news of our…
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4 Petites Soeurs de l'Assomption Préparation Voeux Perpétuels 2019

Preparation of four Little Sisters for their final vows

January 2019 ! It was Epiphany’s feast Odile Ratiana (Madagascar), Lucia Uceda (España), Yvette Landa (R.D. Congo) and Nguyen Thi Hoa (Vietnam),they have just begun their preparation for perpetual vows. The four communities present in the Mother House ‘have welcomed them with a beautiful time of prayer” The young people and the communities (E.Pernet, Membrey,…
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Petites soeurs de l'Assomption et postulantes à Ampopoka -Madagascar

Postulants in Madagascar: what we are experiencing!

Life sharing of young people in the 2nd year of Postulant (formation to get ready to become a Little Sister) Hello ! We, the 2nd year LSA Malagasy postulants: Armandine RASOAZANANERA, is from the Diocese of Antsirabe Victorine Vololorniaiana  RASOAZANANIVO, is from the diocese of Ambositra Marie Odette NOMENIANAHARY, is from the diocese of Fianarantsoa…
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Petites Soeurs ayant connu notre Bienheureuse Soeur Paul-Hélène

Testimonies of Little Sisters who have known our Blessed Sister Paul-Hélène

“I do not know where and when my path crossed that of Paul-Hélène: During my Sending to Tunisia, to Algiers during a meeting of congregation? But, I remember his look: the look that scrutinizes the one that ‘he meets ; a full sister in her missionary vocation, active, determined.I just want to emphasize that we…
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Paul-Hélène Saint-Raymond, première des dix-neuf Martyrs d’Algérie

Paul-Hélène Saint-Raymond, first of the nineteen Martyrs of Algeria

Hélène Saint-Raymond was born at Paris in the 17th district into a deeply Christian family, the eighth of ten children. After her studies at the college Sainte-Marie de Neuilly, she prepared for a degree in physics and chemistry at the Sorbonne and participated at the Centre Richelieu (a centre for Catholic students created by the…
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