The Pope in Madagascar in september 2019

 Bearer of the theme: “Sower of Peace and Hope” For many weeks, our entire country had been preparing spiritually for this long-awaited visit through prayer in religious, parish, diocesan and other communities. Our whole country had also prepared this visit materially and politically. Our President had set up 700 police officers, 200 surveillance cameras, to…
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Two years ago as Yolanda was leaving on one of her trips to Mexico, we joked that Nina and myself would go too! It was just an idea then, and now two years later, that idea is a reality! Yolanda is convinced that our spirituality and charism is valid for all those who wish to…
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Mission in a mental health care center in Bobo Dioulasso.

Notre Dame de l’Espérance is a centre which welcomes, heals and rehabilitates mentally ill persons who are homeless in Bobo Dioulasso. Sisters María de Lurdes Mendes Pereira and Anne Nguyen Thi Tuyên, LSA, share with us their experience  One year after my arrival in Burkina, I was asked to work with mentally ill persons. At…
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Solitude and communion

The AOLA (Association of Our Lady of the Assumption)* gathered around this theme in an international meeting from august 6 to 16, 2019 at the Mother House of the Little Sisters of the Assumption. We experienced this session as a pilgrimage, a desert crossing, in the company of Adam, Elijah, Zacchaeus, the disciples of Emmaus…
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A Little Sister of the Assumption at the “Arch of Jean Vanier”

My name is Yvette, I just made my perpetual vows in the DRC on August 31. As part of my preparation, I was offered a 3-month apostolic training at “L’Arche de Jean Vanier“. This is the time to share my experience with you. Indeed, the Arche is a centre that welcomes people with mental and…
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Session sur le sujet de l'économie et la vie religieuse dans la famille de l'Assomption

The Assumption in Madagascar deepens its relationship with the economy

The economic subject in our religious life : a mirror of our vow of poverty Maybe you’ve never been on a plane before? If so, you will understand without difficulty; if not, the experience lived with Didier allowed us to take a first flight! Indeed, without even having had time to fasten our seatbelts, we…
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Have a joyfull Assumption Day!

As all the wine had been consumed, the Mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” Jn 2:3 Mary looks, observes, listens. She makes herself present, and then makes a decision. At a time when women had no power, Mary in her motherly relationship and intimacy with Jesus gives herself permission to speak.…
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Petites Soeurs de l'Assomption réunies pour une session de formation sur l'afectivité et la sexualité

International Session for young sisters at the Mother House

“As members of an international Apostolic Congregation we discover the universality of the message which gathers together people of every continent. In the midst of their differences we recognize the common characteristics of these people to whom we are sent. Our solidarity extends beyond our local communities and our countries. It is a challenge to…
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Les petites soeurs de l'Assoption ont organisé avec les femmes de l'association "creaciones vivir" un partage pour Noel

A chain of Solidarity in Colombia

We, as “CREACIONES VIVIR “(an associative business of economic solidarity), have for some years been putting into effect the Cadena de los Mercados, (the chain of market products), which consists of various persons and institutions giving a monthly contribution from their salary, so that in December we can organize and deliver very good market products. …
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symbole du Regard nouveau à porter sur une culture différente

The mission In Burkina Faso

It was in Burkina Faso that I learned to wear my first progressive glasses … it was only after a few days, during which I had the impression that the ground opened under my feet with every step that I  did, that I managed to adjust my eyesight so as not to fall. Centering the…
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