Month: March 2019

Témoignage vocationnel de Hien Petite Soeur de l'Assomption

Sister Hien’s testimony

FIRST LITTLE SISTER OF THE ASSUMPTION FROM VIETNAM The Charism is updated with the fresh air of the new generations and cultures THE CALL I was born in 1980, in a Christian family, in Central Viet Nam, on the coast… My mother died quickly after an illness. My dad was 37 years old, my older…
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Sister Lucia’s testimony

I always knew that God and the poor would have an important place in my life; but as for how, it’s another story … My name is Lucia; I was looking for God and wanting to give my life for the poor when I discovered that as a Little Sister of the Assumption, I could…
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temoignage Petite Soeur de l'Assomption Mariotides

Sister Mariotides’s testimony

The vocation:  a response from God to the excluded A call I entered the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption in 1992 in order to follow the ideal of Jesus which our founders translated as follows: “To procure the glory of God by the salvation of the poor, the workers and of their…
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