The Plight of Immigrants in America

The Plight of Immigrants in America

Manifestation en faveur des migrants aux USA avec participation des Petites Sœurs de l'Assomption

«“It is the for Family that you exist……”   (Fr. Pernet)

Father Pernet‘s vision in the focus on the Family is one that motivates the core of our being.  It is no secret that at present the United States of America is very divided when it comes to speaking of undocumented immigrants.  The harsh reality and threat of deportation for immigrant families is one that confronts us every day and is now ‘close to home’.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have been in our neighborhood in East Harlem for quite some time now and families are being deported and/or separated.

Experience Of Our Child Care Worker

One of our own Child Care Workers and her family are facing deportation.   To maintain her anonymity, we will call her Rosa.  Rosa and her family began the process of acquiring legal status 14 years ago through an Immigration Attorney at great financial cost.  This attorney was recently accused of fraudulently handling their case and now they are facing deportation.  Rosa recently appeared in court and the judge gave her until May 24th, 2019 to present her case again and at that time a decision will be handed down regarding her future.  She is in the process of collecting letters of support from those who have known her, needs to get another lawyer who will take her case and then appear in court with the family.  Her 4 children, 3 of whom are on an educational scholarship, are faced with leaving the only country and life they know and/or separating the children from their parents.  The parents are in a terrible quandary.  They did everything by the book over the past 14 years to secure their citizenship.  She has her working permit which is legal.  The Judge was sensitive about their sincerity and very aware of the lawyer who helped them but neglected to follow the current immigration laws and procedures not only for Rosa’s family but for many others.  It is a painful dilemma causing great uncertainty for this family and so many others.

We ask for your prayers for a positive outcome for Rosa and her family and can only hope that the Judge will be compassionate towards them.


Little Sisters of the Assumption Family in Mission

United States Territory

The United States Territory of the Little Sisters of the Assumption and all who journey with us as a Family in Mission, condemn racism in all its forms.  Daily acts of hate and discrimination are harmful and diminish us all.  We believe that ‘All humanity is called by God to live in a covenant of love with God and to enter into God’s plan.’

Founded during the Industrial Revolution in 1865 Paris, France to advocate for the rights of the poor and working families, and present in 21 countries, ‘… we discover the universality of the message which gathers together people of every continent. Our solidarity extends beyond our local communities and our countries.  It is a challenge to unity.’

Countless people are subjected to violence, marked by hunger and wounded in their dignity. Consequently, ‘action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel’.

Today, more and more, our communities are intercultural and intergenerational.  We pursue this choice as a sign of the universality of the Good News for the Family of God.  The challenge of communion without borders is before us.  Let us widen the sense of community, animated by a spirit of family with all who journey with us.

As a Family in Mission, we pledge prayer, education, advocacy and commit to using our collective voice, resources and power with others to establish justice for all, reflective of God’s unconditional love.

Sr Annette Allain, Sr Susanne Lachapelle, PSA and Melina Gonzalez, laïque

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