Reasons for Joy in our mission to Madagascar

Reasons for Joy in our mission to Madagascar

Des jeunes ont obtenu un brevet de réparatrices de vélo

Easter celebration

  It’s been a short time now,! … we were celebrating Easter Sunday …! Year after year, always the same beautiful beauty of these long masses that bring us into this mystery of LIFE … And for me, always the same joy at the heart of living these times as an offering of life in fullness as precious moments of communion with all those with whom we live … Easter night, fervor was total with 60 baptisms of children and young people and on Sunday morning, 40 baptisms of babies and young children! .

Vigile pascale à Sahalava-Madagascar
Easter Vigil

An evangelization still very alive! And among these children, Frédéric, the son Memena (the mother who helps us in the community) … For months and months we talked about this baptism, the costume to buy, the pair of shoes to find, the meal for the, guests …. I assure you it was a long process for Memena who lives from day to day with her 5 children … only negotiations, support to balance her immense desires as a generous mother wanting a successful party for her son and the reality of his life, so modest .
On Sunday afternoon, with Josiane and Therese, we went to honor her invitation by taking the meal at her place …! Memena had wished to invite many people, who from the previous evening until the next day have succeeded each other to have the meal, symbol of the successful party …. A good chicken with a good plate of rice! …. So in her very small room (12m²), more than 60 people came to be offered this meal of celebration that she had had at heart to prepare, helped by that by the Mother of Noella (another woman from “home”)! … By participating in these moments of celebration, sharing, my whole being began to vibrate with a lot of emotion! … How can you make so much happiness resonate in such a simple and frugal sharing! And yet, the face of Frederic was in the angels of his blossoming child-spoiled one day, well dressed, with beautiful shoes and entitled to a “good” piece of chicken, he took the time to enjoy it as a sumptuous feast! …

How can we think and even imagine, so much generosity on behalf of these families who have nothing (in the practical sense of the word)! Everything is good! the “all” of our lives is certainly not in a consumption of superfluity, but is probably measured by the passion put to honor a child, to please …. There is no financial limit, nothing is paid, when it comes to the overflow of hearts.

A fabulous moment of life that always disarms me to the highest point! …

Bike repairers

A group of girls decided to start training bicycle repairers. And now they are almost at the end of their training … I let you look at the photos that will speak for themselves which tell you their experience but also their happiness! …. Miora, Honorine, Zoé and Noëlla are ready to be the first bike repair women with a certificate in their pockets !!! Well soon, they will settle on their own. To begin,they will team of two, they can rely on a “store”, a guarantee of success! … The challenge is now to find a good place to be seen! … I trust their dynamism and their momentum of this renewal in their lives as young women to succeed this bold bet of “women – repairing bikes”!

Little Sisters of the Assumption from Sahalava-Madagascar

magasin de vélos

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