The mission is always an answer to the call of God

The mission is always an answer to the call of God

Une communauté de Petites Sieurs de l'Assomption néo-zélandaises et Tonganes

A Little Sister share an aspect of this mission :

Mother Saint Theresa said on several occasions that loneliness is a very common condition in the Western world.  Well that is certainly true here in New Zealand. There is an organisation called “Age Concern”. She endeavours to remedy this situation by having volunteers visit elderly people who are alone a lot of the time. For a few years now I have visited three ladies who are now over 85 years old.  I am always surprised that they look forward to my weekly visit as much as I do.

         I was allocated Sharon, a blind lady who lived alone with her faithful dog called Rob. It was not for several months that I discovered that Sharon was a catholic and had once been the sacristan in our parish. A couple of months ago she had a stroke and is now in a retirement home.  In one week she lost her independence, her home and her dog.  Although very frail now this quirky lady has taught me a lot about her faith and her relationship with the Lord.    

           Truus  is 87 years old and we go to a Tai Chi class for seniors each week;  for many years she and her husband Piet, fostered children for the sisters, as well as helping out in other ways.  Truus continues to be very much part of parish life here in Otara.  Her children are wonderful and visit her frequently.

         Maureen has a fear of going into open spaces, however she is well informed through the medium of her computer and we have some interesting conversations about church and world matters.

Spending a little time with these women and learning something of their lives is encouraging, fills me with gratitude for community and inspires me to prayer.

Michelle Carter- Little Sister of the Assumption

Mission des Petites Soeurs de l'Assomption en Nouvelle-Zélande
Une communauté de Petites Soeurs de l'Assomption (Tonganes) en Nouvelle Zélanden
Michelle Carter, Petite Soeur en mission en Nouvelle-Zélande

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