The Assumption in Madagascar deepens its relationship with the economy

The Assumption in Madagascar deepens its relationship with the economy

Session sur le sujet de l'économie et la vie religieuse dans la famille de l'Assomption

The economic subject in our religious life : a mirror of our vow of poverty

Maybe you’ve never been on a plane before? If so, you will understand without difficulty; if not, the experience lived with Didier allowed us to take a first flight! Indeed, without even having had time to fasten our seatbelts, we were already at high altitude. Didier Rémiot, Augustinian of the Assumption’s (A.A.) General Bursar, has led us to live our religious life in a concrete, clear and coherent way!

Our group, about thirty of us, is composed of treasurers, formators, superiors and other religious in our communities. In inter-Assumption, a mixture of A.A., Religious of the Assumption, Orantes of the Assumption and Little Sisters of the Assumption.

At 8:00 am in the morning, all, eyes fixed on the computer, excel software: “let’s go!”, and so it was for four days (from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm), a pleasant and stimulating marathon. We have learned and understood a little more about the economic life of our religious life, as a mirror of our vow of poverty.

A call for conversion

There are so many questions concerning the common good and our way of life, a call to Conversion: ” Therefore bear fruits that witness your conversion ” (St Matthew 3:8). Didier advised us: “On the one hand, seek to increase your resources (call for donations, accommodation, remuneration, etc.); and on the other hand, seek to reduce your expenses (consumption of food and drink, equipment of all kinds, including cars, transport, holidays, etc.). “He called us to look at the standard of living of the poor here and now, of the people who work for us (our employees) and from there, to interrogate ourselves.

Today, I would say, we have not become “professionals”, but we are convinced that the excel internet tool is powerful and allows us to make a clear budget in community, in solidarity with the Congregation and the poor of our time. But the most important thing is the reasoning!

Didier, a passionate man, like a patient and attentive father, always waiting for someone who couldn’t click in the right place, immersing himself in the spiritual life of our call, he invited us to look at our world led by finance, as a friend with whom each and everyone can work and dialogue.

Thank you Didier, our brother. Thank you to the brothers and sisters, a beautiful mutual help; meals and snacks really fraternal. Our dearest wish is that we can now put into practice everything we have just learned.

(A meeting led by Didier Rémiot (A.A), in Manirisoa – Madagascar)

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