Have a joyfull Assumption Day!

Have a joyfull Assumption Day!

As all the wine had been consumed, the Mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” Jn 2:3

Mary looks, observes, listens. She makes herself present, and then makes a decision. At a time when women had no power, Mary in her motherly relationship and intimacy with Jesus gives herself permission to speak.
Mary dares to speak. By her request, Mary gives back dignity to a family. This attention, which seems natural to us, shows that she is a woman of her time, in relation to others in the neighbourhood because she herself is invited to this wedding. She is probably known for her attitude, for her way of “taking care” of those with whom she lives on a daily basis. Do we know women who can’t speak? And others who speak their convictions to be the voice of the voiceless?

This way of being reflects our mission. Mary, Patroness of the Congregation, shows us by her actions how to live with Jesus and how to reveal Him.
Mary lived with Jesus for 30 years. She gave birth to Him. And on that day, when Jesus said: “What do you want from me, woman? My time has not yet come.”, that day, Mary tells her Son that the time has come. She contributes to a second birth: the birth to His public life.
What a wonder for us to see how God our Father associates us in reciprocity – and this will happen several times for Jesus during his public life – with his work of salvation!
For this reason, let us take the time to return to our Rule of Life, to deepen the 3 orientations that we have chosen in the text of the Assembly of the Congregation, to further concretize our options of the 2017 General Chapter during the coming two years. Let us strengthen our desire to live with Jesus and reflect on our lives to find God personally and in community. These are the pillars that allow us to fulfill our vocation as Little Sisters of the Assumption.

fête de l'Assomption 2019

“Whatever he tells you, do it.” Jn:2,5

Mary had already experienced the effectiveness of this trust: “May it be done to me according to your word. ” This Word pondered in her heart was the underlying theme of her life in order to accompany her son until death and resurrection.

A strong Word that becomes contagious because the servants welcome it. These servants, the last of the party, will be the first to see the water transformed into wine. They will be the only ones at the party who know where this wine comes from. A nice wine, abundant like the multiplied bread, like the life that God offers us in superabundance. With God it’s always out of measure. Wine of joy. Promise of Joy and happiness.

But to communicate this joy, to “communicate the transformative power of Jesus, words are not enough, actions are necessary. To evangelize is not only to speak, preach or teach, much less to judge, threaten or condemn. It is necessary to update, with creative fidelity, the signs that Jesus made to introduce the joy of God by making the harsh lives of his “contemporaries” happier. J.A. Pagola

In order to become every day these messengers of a better life, of fraternal life, of a reconciled world, we have to do the things that reveal Jesus Christ.

We can do this when we set out to live an integral ecology, “the ecology of daily life”, *when we believe that “the life of fraternity without borders is before us” and that we can take part in it with an open and confident mind,

*when we believe in the strength of God’s call today in the hearts of young people, and

* when we pray, seek, and invite so that some may hear this call.

Then the wine of the feast will flow joyfully with abundance!
“With Mary, bearer of the hope of her people, we will walk this path of faith; with her, we will accept salvation and celebrate the wonders of God who “fills the hungry with good things, and sends the rich away empty-handed.”

Message directed by the General Council to the Little Sisters of the Assumption on the occasion of August 15

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