A chain of Solidarity in Colombia

A chain of Solidarity in Colombia

Les petites soeurs de l'Assoption ont organisé avec les femmes de l'association "creaciones vivir" un partage pour Noel

We, as “CREACIONES VIVIR “(an associative business of economic solidarity), have for some years been putting into effect the Cadena de los Mercados, (the chain of market products), which consists of various persons and institutions giving a monthly contribution from their salary, so that in December we can organize and deliver very good market products.   

Last year, from October we were reflecting together: how to give some novelty to this event?  Little by little we advanced with the ideas of one another until we decided that we would give to each family a pot with all that is necessary for an Ajiaco, a dish that is typically Bogotan for the Nativity, so that we took on the task of collecting the contributions and buying the pots, the potatoes, ears of corn, onions, garlic and chicken.

By the 20th of December we had bought everything and we began to organize each pot with what was necessary for the Christmas supper.  Besides that, each family would receive a bag with rice, oil, oats, chocolate, pasta, butter, coffee, eggs, milk, sugar, etc. and hygiene products: soap for the clothing and the body, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.

It was marvellous to organize 30 well-filled bags.   The families selected were known to us from before: we had visited them, we were acquainted with their reality of poverty, limitation, disability, solitude, old age, abandonment by their families, etc.

The experience of offering the pots and bags, was really marvellous and moving this year, the families being surprised on receiving the pot with all that was in it and the rest of the products!  More than one had tears in their eyes, moved and grateful.  We, on perceiving the pleasure and the joy of all, no longer felt the exhaustion that we experienced from the work. 

We give thanks to God for having this experience so filled with solidarity, from the smallest, but which brought immense joy to many persons and families.  We are hoping to extend the chain of donors for this year and so be able to be of benefit to more families.  If somebody wishes to make a contribution to this we receive it with great joy, with the certainty that it will go to the poorest. 

For us, that was the best celebration of NATIVITY!!!

Martha Cecilia – Gloria Patricia (laywomen) and Myriam Garcia and Helena Santamaria  (Little Sister of the Assumption)

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