Month: June 2019

chorale de la Paroisse St.Jacques de Montrouge


Saint Augustine says to us: “To sing is to pray twice” That is the venture experienced over almost ten years by the parish Choir of Montrouge called “Chorale  Alléluia” which I would like to share with you. There are some fifty choir members: within this group some twenty of us are part of the vocal…
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mosaiques9-association dirigee-par-une-petite-soeur-de-assomption

Testimony of Michel, a volonteer at the Mosaiques9 association

Mosaïques9 is a local association whose aim is to help parents and their children, as well as isolated adults, to succeed in their integration. Many volunteers are involved with Little Sisters to welcome, listen and provide personalized support to families. Michel testifies Michel tells us how the meeting with Yacine was a gift to him…
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Des jeunes ont obtenu un brevet de réparatrices de vélo

Reasons for Joy in our mission to Madagascar

Easter celebration   It’s been a short time now,! … we were celebrating Easter Sunday …! Year after year, always the same beautiful beauty of these long masses that bring us into this mystery of LIFE … And for me, always the same joy at the heart of living these times as an offering of…
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