May the COVID Not Make Us Forget the Migrants!

May the COVID Not Make Us Forget the Migrants!

To know is to understand!

In the last two years millions of people have fled conflicts or situations of serious political or economic instability. There has also been a growing consensus on recognizing the impact of climate change among the causes of human mobility. The number of international migrants is estimated at 272 million people. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? In reality we are talking about “only” 3.5% of the population. This means that 95.6% of the world’s population lives in their country of birth.

It is difficult to estimate what the future evolution of migratory phenomena will be. The coronavirus crisis only adds uncertainty to the future. However, it seems reasonable to think that, as long as the causes that motivate it persist, migrations will continue, and this, despite the increasingly difficult circumstances that those who migrate are forced to face.

In the Pope’s message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees (September 27, 2020) “Like Jesus Christ, forced to flee”, a plan is proposed to bring us closer to this reality.  From brotherhood/sisterhood and compassion:

To know in order to understand

Becoming a neighbor to serve

Listening to be reconciled

Sharing to grow

Getting involved to promote

Collaborate to build.

They are the steps of a stair that leads us to a more just and fraternal world, a staircase to God’s dream.

Pilar Trillo- Little Sister of the Assumption

source JPIC

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