International Commission for Sharing the Charism with the Laity

International Commission for Sharing the Charism with the Laity

Our family united in all times

We are living a very particular moment in the world. A pandemic reminds us of the fragility of human beings, the uncertainty of tomorrow, the loneliness of social isolation and of not being able to see the people we love.
These are not easy times, but right now we are not alone; God and our founders, Father Stephen Pernet and our foundress, Antoinette Fage ~ Mother Mary of Jesus, are with us every step of the way. They remind us that “Difficulties are Opportunities” as our common treasure says, and that we can do wonderful things so as to be like a flower that blooms in the middle of the desert.
May this time serve us to love our brothers and sisters more, to discover talents within us that allow us to build the Reign of God on earth — Just as our founders did more than 150 years ago.
May this time be an opportunity to rekindle in us the flame of the day of our baptism so that we can carry out the mission for which we have been created. Our Assumption family is more united than ever and the different commissions continue to work for the good of our community and the missions in which we are engaged

New technologies as a help

New technologies have helped us to be a little closer to our brothers and sisters and also to continue working as an International Commission to Share the Charism. It is a great joy for us to be able to have news from each of the territories during our work meetings. It is heartening to know that in each territory where the Little Sisters are present, the missions continue to advance in spite of the pandemic and new forms of solidarity are developing. We are discovering that we can pray together through the internet and that we can continue to dream great things for the lay people of the Assumption.
This is an opportunity for all of us to put new technologies at the service of God, and to put ourselves at the service of our brothers and sisters.
Wherever we are, may “Our actions speak Jesus Christ” and may each small act be an act of love that leaves the mark in this world of our commitment as religious, Associates of Our Lady of the Assumption and our Assumption Family in Mission. We propose that at the end of this article you offer a short prayer for one of the missions of our community in the world.

The International Commission for Sharing the Charism with the Laity: Roger, Annette (LSA), Diana, Maryalice and George

Témoignages de deux des membres de la Commission internationale

The testimony of Siter Annette
As the only Little Sister on this commission, I am very much at home with, and am hope-filled and edified by the members of the International Laity Commission for Sharing the Charism who live and breathe the spirit of Stephen and Antoinette in their daily lives. Together we are learning about the richness of our diversity throughout the world, and at the same time becoming ever more sensitized to the realities of our mission and communities.
This privileged glimpse bears with it a responsibility as we move forward “together” in a manner respecting the uniqueness of each culture. My dream is that our families throughout the world will begin to “know” each other personally using whatever methods are at each one’s disposition.
Let’s do everything we can to ‘Let the Family Meet’ and claim this beautiful gift of family that we all share.
“Today, aware of being bearers of life and joy at all ages, like Mary and Elizabeth, we are called to an encounter that generates promise.” (General Chapter 2017)

Annette Allain (USA)

The testimony of Roger

“The Lord is my strength and my song, to Him I owe everything”.
This motto of Victorine Grand – an LSA in 1920 – has remained my lifeline since I met her in Valleyfield in 1975 when I was 20 years old. My desire to be part of those who commit themselves in to the mission was born at that time. Following the footsteps of Stephen Pernet and Antoinette Fage was a second significant encounter in my life and my steps became more certain knowing that I was no longer alone. Meeting others helped me to understand that the world where I live in can only be transformed if I commit myself to make it more beautiful and to love it like Jesus, Stephen, Antoinette and Victorine. Every little gesture counts. I agreed to participate in the International Commission of the Laity to get closer to a better, more humane world and to make God’s dream come true. My dream is “To become brother and sister in a world where the only law is the love and the only dream is made of justice and peace. A people to God”.

Roger Malenfant
Maison Orléans Montréal Québec, Canada

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